Informed Research: Each of our projects is underwritten with sound research.  We dig deeply to understand your community in both qualitative and quantitative ways. Grass-roots outreach and the most up-to-date economic and demographic data inform our research process. Only then can we determine how a project will change the lives of current and future stakeholders.  


In-depth Analysis:  This solid foundation of research now informs the methodology we use to help you balance fiscal, social, economic and environmental factors. Count on an in-depth analysis that delivers a high level of detail and insight. We assess the direct and indirect impact of a project on your community as well as recommend the means to mitigate any adverse effects.


Insider Insight: What sets our research and analysis apart? Insider advantage. Alivia Metts spent over six years serving Northern Idaho as a regional economist.  She has extensive knowledge of the economic and social assets of that region and a deep understanding of its rural communities. Her insight enhances our ability to design an inclusive process and leverage data for superior results.