Our clients have enjoyed the professional services of The Metts Group. Case studies show the impact of partnering with the finest.


  • Port of Pasco Industrial Park Master Plan,
    Port of Pasco

    The Metts Group worked with J-U-B Engineers to create a master plan for a proposed 300-acre industrial park. The Metts Group analyzed economically feasible industrial uses that support the region, existing and adjacent property owners. The economic analysis identifies interested companies and industries in the site by interviewing stakeholders and industry leaders coupled with data through identification of supply chain gaps and opportunities. The information feeds the eventual buildout in determining lot size and configuration, infrastructure needs, and wastewater treatment options.

  • South College Place Planning Study, City of College Place, Washington

    The overall goal of the Economic Feasibility Study portion of this project, conducted by The Metts Group in coordination with J-U-B Engineers, was to analyze economically feasible industrial uses for the 60-acre proposed site. This target industry analysis was comprised of two components: (1) a commercial market feasibility study with complementary uses to adjacent properties, and (2) a recommended marketing strategy. This economic feasibility portion of the study conformed to the minimum threshold criteria established by the Washington State Community and Economic Revitalization Board.

  • Bowers Field Development Feasibility Study, Kittitas County, Washington

    The Metts Group is working with J-U-B Engineers to evaluate the feasibility of developing approximately 850 acres of land surrounding the Kittitas County Airport (Bowers Field). The Metts Group is tasked with the Economic Feasibility Study for the proposed industrial site and aims to identify economically viable uses by analyzing key industries interested in the project. The study spans tasks such as stakeholder interviews, locational characteristics assessment, economic outlook evaluation, and competition analysis, and will inform decisions regarding lot size, infrastructure needs, and wastewater treatment options. Recommendations for prospective tenants, economic impact forecasting, and a tailored marketing and funding strategy will be presented in this report, ensuring that the site is strategically positioned for success in Kittitas County and the City of Ellensburg. The study plays a pivotal role in shaping the project's future phases and overall success.


  • Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Reservation Housing Needs Assessment, Coeur d’Alene Tribe

    The housing needs assessment thoroughly examined the housing requirements within the 345,000-acre Coeur d’Alene Reservation. The analysis analyzed the current housing landscape, demographic trends, economic factors, social dynamics, and ongoing developments. It addressed gaps in housing availability, affordability, and suitability.

  • Norcross Target Industry Analysis

    The Metts Group has partnered with KB Advisory Group, collaborating with Georgia colleagues, to enhance the City of Norcross's target industries. This involves a thorough reevaluation and refinement of various industries and their corresponding niche sectors, providing strategic guidance for the city's business attraction, retention, and expansion endeavors. The aim is to equip the elected officials and staff leadership of Norcross with the insights needed to support the city in achieving its growth and prosperity objectives in a responsible, efficient, and effective manner.

  • CEDS Update, Nez Perce Tribe, Idaho

    The Metts Group worked on the update to the Nez Perce Tribe’s Comprehensive Economic Development, we worked on the update to the Confederated Tribes Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) that provided long-term vision for management to build economic resiliency and sovereignty. The work was consistent with the cultural values and environmental priorities of the tribal community.

  • Augusta Comprehensive Labor Analysis, Augusta Economic Development Authority, Georgia

    This study resulted in a full picture of the region’s labor market paired with strategic recommendations, implementation guidelines, and tactics to ensure the Augusta area builds upon its current success and leverages trends impacting the future of business and the nature of work. As part of preparing a Comprehensive Labor Analysis, a series of focus groups were required for data collection and SWOT analyses. Three employer focus groups were conducted; one focus group of educators, training institutions, and government officials; another focus group of industry partners, including public participants. Three online surveys were created, administered, and analyzed as well as numerous one-on-one interviews.

  • Detroit Regional Partnership

    The Metts Group collaborated with HWA Analytics to conduct research and analysis on the EV-Mobility industry sector to provide insights into the challenges and opportunities for the Detroit Region’s companies, workforce, higher education, etc., as the automotive industry shifts from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electrification and the broader implications those shifts may have on the Advanced Mobility Industry Cluster. Our efforts resulted in a comprehensive report that maps and details the EV-Mobility Ecosystem. The provided baseline data serves as a valuable resource for the Detroit Regional Partnership and its coalition partners. It aids in the development, expansion, and measurement of the progress of the Global Epicenter of Mobility initiative. The focus was on defining and understanding the extensive Mobility-EV ecosystem in the region. The team not only produced a detailed view of the entire EV-Mobility ecosystem but also established baseline estimates for the number and types of industries, companies, and workers within the ecosystem at the time of the analysis. These baselines will play a crucial role in assessing the gains and losses of industries, companies, and labor as the GEM initiative coalition progresses through its five-year plan.

  • San Antonio Aerospace Industry Competitive Analysis, San Antonio Regional Chamber, Texas

    The purpose of this project was to provide a thorough assessment of San Antonio, Texas’ aerospace industry, including a detailed profile of the workforce, educational pipeline, relative ease, and cost of doing business in San Antonio (including incentives) and a full peer review/benchmarking analysis of other regions with significant aerospace industry clusters. An economic impact analysis was assessed detailing niche aerospace industry sectors and their impact on the state’s economy. Working alongside Boeing on this analysis required a series of interviews and focus groups, facilitated by Metts, to best understand the strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities of the San Antonio aerospace ecosystem for competition in national and international markets. Focus groups included military base leaders, aerospace-related industry leaders and members of the public.

  • Washington State Aviation and Aerospace Identification of Emerging Technologies and Industry Segments

    The Metts Group collaborated with Norton Strategic Consulting, Nelson Consulting, and Optimal Talent Dynamics to present a strategic roadmap to the members of the Washington State Commerce and Washington State Department of Transportation’s Aerospace and Aviation Committee. The goal was to guide the economic prosperity and development of Washington State’s aerospace, aviation, and airport sectors. This comprehensive project involved conducting approximately 45 working group meetings with 65 diverse stakeholders, bringing together industry, higher education, and government representatives. The focus was on identifying priorities, emerging technologies, and advancements to pinpoint economic development priorities. The findings were subsequently shared with legislators to inform and guide policy decisions.

  • Richmond Industry Target Analysis,
    Development Corporation of Richmond (Texas)

    This analysis incorporated an economic development strategy which included stakeholder engagements with community members, businesses, and organizations. The target industry analysis helps to drive strategic development in the Richmond, Texas area. Alivia facilitated one-on-one interviews with business owners, members of the public, and focus groups with employers, education and training institutions, and public service providers.

Tax Increment Financing

  • Post Falls City Center Urban Renewal District,
    City of Post Falls, Idaho

    The Metts Group worked with the City of Post Falls to determine whether a 334-acre new district in the heart of the city is economically feasible based on Idaho code. This project is conducted in parallel to the master plan by Welch-Comer Engineers. The project team facilitated public meetings to hear the voices of Post Falls residents and their vision for this downtown core. The project team determined that the market analysis of the City Center’s development potential must be market-driven and based on solid, factual market information so that the recommended projects support the vision.

  • Kuna Urban Renewal District,
    Kuna Urban Renewal Agency, Idaho

    The Metts Group worked with the Kuna Urban Renewal Agency to determine whether this new district is economically feasible based on Idaho code. As part of the creation of this Urban Renewal District, public meetings were held. The Metts Group has supported the J-U-B Engineers team in the organization, administration, and facilitation of these public meetings. The main goal was to prioritize infrastructure improvements within the District and to educate the public on the urban renewal process.

  • Rathdrum Urban Renewal District,
    City of Rathdrum, Idaho

    The Metts Group performed an assessment of the feasibility of tax allocation for the proposed 115-acre urban renewal district boundary for the Rathdrum Urban Renewal Agency. A public meeting was performed. The Metts Group supported the city in the facilitation of this meeting and provided expertise to educate the public on the proposed developments of and urban renewal process. Working with J-U-B Engineers, the findings from this study served as a key determinant that the boundaries of the proposed urban renewal district boundaries did generate enough tax allocation and revenue for positive economic expansion and job growth.

  • Inland Northwest Technology Park Urban Renewal District,
    City of Post Falls, Idaho

    The Metts Group performed an assessment of the approximate 900-acre proposed urban renewal district boundary which incorporated the roughly 335-acre technology park. J-U-B Engineers provided the buildout for the technology park which fed the economic feasibility of this successful project.


  • Coeur d’Alene Reservation Community and Workforce Assessment, Coeur d'Alene Tribe, Idaho

    This study analyzed the gap in workforce and skills sought from local employers and needs within the Reservation to foster economic resiliency. Utilizing a variety of sources for desktop research along with interviews and data from Tribal leaders, this report was commissioned to assess the strengths and opportunities present in the Reservation’s community and workforce.

  • Anne Arundel County State of the Workforce, Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation, Maryland

    This report provided a detailed report on the ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) population and included interviews with the development corporation’s business services team and focus groups with a variety of industries. The analysis identified potential occupations that can serve as entry level and next step positions toward a pathway to self-sufficiency. The board of this organization is using this report to build strategies around policy, aligning business, and educating stakeholders.

  • Clarksville Comprehensive Labor Analysis, Clarksville-Montgomery County Economic Development Council, Tennessee

    This comprehensive labor analysis incorporated numerous stakeholder engagements and one-on-one interviews to take a deep dive into the major challenges this region is facing. A thorough analysis of demographic and labor force trends included labor market and real-time data. A customized Military Occupational Code crosswalk was conducted to better serve their military presence.

  • Asheville Skills Gap Analysis, Asheville-Buncombe County Economic Development Coalition, North Carolina

    This study encompassed an overview pointing to the key strengths of the Asheville, North Carolina region, including a demographic overview and key skill gaps in their top industry sectors. Data were extrapolated to help guide Asheville’s economic strategic efforts. Metts facilitated three informational sessions with the greater public, educators, and key decision makers. The sessions informed these groups on the skills needed to attract talent and upskilling opportunities for individuals.


  • St. Maries, Idaho Housing Needs Assessment, St. Joe Economic Development Corp.

    This assessment integrated an online survey. The deliverable encompassed an evaluation of the housing requirements and preferences within the St. Maries area. We provided stakeholders with comprehensive insights to guide development choices.

  • Household Creation Analysis, Hawthorne Homes in Newport, Washington

    The Metts Group performed a household creation analysis on the 173-acre Hawthorne Homes site that estimated the number of households that would be created from potential jobs by the proposed silicon metal production facility in Newport, Washington.

The Metts Group has become a valuable resource for the AEDA. Alivia goes above and beyond any agreement to provide the most timely, accurate, and exceptional work for labor statistical analysis, ecosystem analysis, and strategic planning. She coordinates between all players and provides excellent updates and finished products. We would recommend her to anyone looking for high quality work at a fair price.

– CAL WRAY, Augusta [GA] Economic Development Authority