Our experience makes the difference for exceptional outcomes in economic development.

Alivia Metts is the founder of The Metts Group. With decades of experiences in both public and private sectors, Alivia and the team focus on the economic development of communities and industries. With an eye toward tax increment financing, market analysis, supply chain, and transportation, Alivia and collaborators in all fields have the expertise you need to successfully complete your project.


The Metts Group digs deeply to gain profound insights into communities, industries, demographic shifts, and labor market trends.

Our analytical expertise facilitates collaborations among government entities, educational institutions, and businesses. These partnerships tackle challenges related to economic and community development, providing valuable guidance for decision-making across the nation.

Target Industry & Supply Chain Analysis

The Metts Group serves as a cornerstone of knowledge for developers, business proprietors, financiers, and entrepreneurs.

Illustrative assessments encompass in-depth demographic analyses, identification of potential target markets, and projection of industry employment trends. Our portfolio of projects encompasses diverse ventures such as site development, subdivision projects, storage unit facilities, physician clinics, and collaborations with economic development entities.

The Metts Group excels in performing exhaustive industry cluster analyses and delivering comprehensive industry reports. This includes intricate supply chain analyses tailored to enhance target marketing efforts.


As a result of our collaborations and assessments, numerous communities, businesses, and organizations have garnered additional funding or obtained essential permits, substantiating their expansion endeavors or operational presence.

Economic Impact Assessments play a pivotal role in illuminating and steering the decision-making process for municipalities, enterprises, governmental bodies, and economic development entities.

The scope of impact studies includes subdivision development, community center establishment and urban renewal initiatives. We explore the direct, indirect, and induced effects on overarching sectors, such as cybersecurity, aerospace, tourism, healthcare, mining, and timber industries.


The Metts Group conducts feasibility analyses pertaining to tax increment finance districts aligned with the provisions outlined in each project’s State Code.

These analyses offer a definitive roadmap for facilitating prosperous initiatives within districts, ultimately fostering favorable economic expansion, and facilitating the creation of employment opportunities.


As a prominent predictor, The Metts Group carefully monitors the housing market and evaluates both its current condition and its future possibilities.

We perform housing market analyses to pinpoint gaps, recognize challenges, and unveil opportunities. These endeavors serve as a crucial foundation for community leaders, equipping them to engage in data-driven decision-making that not only anticipates potential shifts but also spotlights prospects and navigates obstacles.

Alivia Metts has committed several years to her role as both editor and author of a regional real estate report that provides a compilation of data trends for housing and economic indicators. She has enriched her skills with CCIM Institute courses in commercial real estate and previously held a realtor license in Idaho.

I have worked with the Metts Group for years on tax increment financing projects and economic feasibility studies and have served with Alivia on regional Economic Development Boards. I have always found the Metts Group’s work to be accurate, timely, and responsive. Plus, Alivia is great to work with. She is reliable, collaborative, and a wonderful addition to any team.

– BRAD MARSHALL, Partner, J-U-B Engineers, Inc.